Testing with CoffeeScript

Testing with CoffeeScript

Testing with CoffeeScript, by Jack Franklin, is a free eBook from Efendi Books. This book assumes a working knowledge of CoffeeScript, as well as the basics of Behaviour/Test Driven Development.


CoffeeScript is one of the most exciting new technologies to emerge in web development. With CoffeeScript you can write sexier, more consistent and sturdier code. It also brings with it heavier focus on unit testing; a brilliant way of ensuring your code is well designed and behaves exactly as it should do. CoffeeScript’s sleek syntax and succinct style lets you write tests in a faster, more efficient and more elegant way than ever before.

In this free minibook, CoffeeScript expert Jack Franklin will guide you through the creation of a shopping cart system using unit testing and Behaviour-driven Development (BDD) with the popular framework Jasmine. You’ll learn about using and testing jQuery code, writing more idiomatic CoffeeScript and building a well thought out and structured, complex JavaScript application.

Table of Contents

  • Downloading and setting up Jasmine
  • Refactoring the existing implementation
  • Review and refactor existing code and extend the shopping cart
  • Integrating a third party API

Book Details

Author(s): Jack Franklin
Publisher: Efendi Books
Format(s): PDF
File size: 6.21 MB
Number of pages: 60
Link: Download.

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