Tester Types

Tester Types

Free eBook “Tester Types” in pdf format. After many years working as a software tester I have met some incredibly interesting people. Along the way these people have in some way shaped the person that I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful.

What these people also did was give me the insight and personalities that make up the basis of the Tester Types. These peers, colleagues and managers have all given me the inspiration I needed to make the 19 Tester Types you see in this book.


  • The Enforcer
  • The Drama Queen
  • The Comedian
  • The Magician
  • The Chuck Norris
  • The Explorer
  • The Checklister
  • The Sage
  • The Socialiser
  • The Day Dreamer
  • The Boss
  • The Automator
  • The Wanderer
  • The Nitpicker
  • The Expert
  • The Drafter
  • The Networker
  • The Intellectual

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Author(s): Rob Lambert
Format(s): PDF
File size: 4.45 MB
Number of pages: 17
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