Teachers’ Guide to Practical C++ Programming

This book is designed to provide teaching materials to any instructor who wants to use Practical C++ Programming in his classroom. The materials contained in this book contains of a set of slides (for classroom presentation) and teachers’ notes (which give hints on how the material might be presented.)


Practical C++ Programming is being used in a wide variety of classrooms, from the university campus to the industrial seminar. The slides are designed to support this wide usage. Instructors are encouraged to take the material and customize it for their own environment.
In addition to the slides there is a set of end of chapter questions so that you can you test your knowledge of the material presented.
The teachers’ notes contains suggestions and tips on how to best present the information in the classroom. They also contain the answers for chapter questions. To get access to the Teachers’ Notes, you’ll have to register with O’Reilly education sales, here.
It is hoped that this Teachers’ Guide will serve to help you build a effective and practical C++ Programming course.

Table of Contents

  • What Is C++?
  • The Basics of Program Writing
  • Style
  • Basic Declarations and Expressions
  • Arrays, Qualifiers, and Reading Numbers
  • Decision and Control Statements
  • The Programming Process
  • More Control Statements
  • Variable Scope and Functions
  • The C++ Preprocessor
  • Bit Operations
  • Advanced Types
  • Simple Classes
  • Simple Pointers
  • And more.

Book Details

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Format(s): PDF, OpenOffice
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