Tablet Web Design Best Practices [PDF]

Tablet Web Design Best Practices

This book is a collection of tablet web design best practices, curated by the designers and software engineers of Mobify. Inside, you’ll find 30 techniques for creating amazing website experiences on tablet devices.

Topics included: Make room for clumsy fingers • Go 100% touch friendly • Minimize tablet typing • Enable contextual keyboards • Turn off autocorrect and auto-capitalize on form fields • Increase the default font size and line height • The best icons are font based • Tablet screens are gorgeous • Remove broken hovers • Make content fluid • Design for both portrait and landscape • Unlock camera capabilities • Keep text out of images • Treat performance as design • Test, test and test some more • Disable ‘pinch to zoom’ on pages, but not on images • Sticky navigation is a loyal friend • Use location services to help with shipping • Teach • Choose your own font size • Reimagine content navigation • Panels: so hot right now • Slick transitions feel more ‘appy’ • Reclaim space by hiding the URL bar • Include a home screen icon • Create totally tabletized navigation • Make actions easier • Give images their 1000 words.

Book Details

Publisher: Mobify
Published: 2013
Format(s): PDF
File size: 6.33 MB
Number of pages: 25
Download / View Link(s): PDF

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