Supply Chain The Way to Flat Organisation

Supply Chain The Way to Flat Organisation

With the emerging of global economy and the development of the technology in computer and communications, the enterprises are facing to new opportunities but also more challenges, which led to the concept of SC (Supply Chain).


By controlling and collaborating each part of the supply chain, SCM (Supply Chain Management) reaches the aim of reducing the cost, improving the quality as well as service level, and so on, further enhances the integrated competition ability of the whole supply chain. SCM includes many aspects of the management activity, and the inventory management is one of the key aspects among them.

Table of Contents

  • Optimal Control Strategy for Serial Supply Chain
  • A Synergistic Approach towards Autonomic Event Management in Supply Chains
  • Managing Logistics Flows Through Enterprise Input-Output Models
  • Dynamic Analysis and Control of Supply Chain Systems
  • Optimization Based e-Sourcing
  • A Domain Engineering Process for RFID Systems Development in Supply Chain
  • Return Policies and Coordination of Supply Chain
  • Operational Management of Supply Chains: A Hybrid Petri Net Approach
  • A Physics Approach to Supply Chain Oscillations and Their Control
  • Utilizing IT as an Enabler for Leveraging the Agility of SCM
  • Development and Evolution of the Tiancalli Project
  • A Framework and Key Techniques for Supply Chain Integration
  • New Approaches for Modeling and Evaluating Agility in Integrated Supply Chains
  • Managing and Integrating Demand and Supply Using Web Services and the Service Oriented Architecture
  • Distributed Supply Chain Planning for Multiple Companies with Limited Local Information
  • Applying Fuzzy Linear Programming to Supply Chain Planning with Demand, Process and Supply Uncertainty
  • Research Issues on Collaborative Product Design and Development
  • Improvement of Supply Chain Performances Using RFID Technology
  • RFID Technology, Security Vulnerabilities, and Countermeasures
  • Ontology and Its Application in Supply Chain Information Management

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Author(s): Yanfang Huo and Fu Jia
Publisher: InTech
Format(s): PDF, HTML
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Number of pages: 436
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