Supercomputers: Directions in Technology and Applications

Supercomputers: Directions in Technology and Applications

Supercomputers are the ultimate engine of the information age. By generating and processing vast amounts of data with hitherto unparalleled speed, they make new activities in industrial research and product development possible.


Supercomputers explores commercial supercomputer applications today as well as those emerging from university laboratories. It outlines trends in the supercomputing technology into the near future, and also contributes to a growing debate on the roles of the public and private sectors in nurturing this vital technology.

Table of Contents

  • Supercomputers: Vital Tool for the Nation
  • Introduction
  • Exisiting Conditions
  • Toward the Future
  • Deciding to Aquire a Powerful New Research Tool-Supercomputing
  • Using Supercomputing to Transform Thinking about Product Design
  • Achieving a Pioneering Outlook with Supercomputing
  • Summary

Book Details

Format(s): PDF
Number of pages: 112
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