Structured Query Language (SQL): a Practical Introduction

Structured Query Language (SQL): a Practical Introduction

This is a good introductory text for learning SQL. There is no simpler text for learning the syntax and structure of SQL. Download it for free. It’s a slim book that gets right down to business and shows you how to use the language with crystal-clear explanations and examples.


This is a practical guide providing comprehensive solutions for SQL query problems, and is full of concrete real-world examples to help you create and troubleshoot your SQL queries in SAP Business One. If you are a system administrator who uses SQL query as your tool of choice for solving specific problems throughout SAP Business One, then this book is for you. It may also be useful if you are a developer or consultant using this technology, and can benefit end users by improving your search for.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • A Rough Guide to SQL
  • Creating and Maintaining Tables
  • Querying SQL Tables
  • Adding and Updating Data
  • Data Integrity
  • Views
  • Database Security
  • Transaction Processing
  • The Database System Catalog
  • Using SQL with a Host Language

Book Details

Author(s): Akeel I Din
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.99 MB
Number of pages: 179
Link: Download.

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