Stereo Vision

Stereo Vision

The book comprehensively covers almost all aspects of stereo vision. In addition reader can find topics from defining knowledge gaps to the state of the art algorithms as well as current application trends of stereo vision to the development of intelligent hardware modules and smart cameras.

It would not be an exaggeration if this book is considered to be one of the most comprehensive books published in reference to the current research in the field of stereo vision. Research topics covered in this book makes it equally essential and important for students and early career researchers as well as senior academics linked with computer vision.


  • Experimental Results on Variable Structure Control for an Uncertain Robot Model
  • Unit Quaternions: A Mathematical Tool for Modeling, Path Planning and Control of Robot Manipulators
  • Kinematic Design of Manipulators
  • Gentle Robotic Handling Using Acceleration Compensation
  • Calibration of Robot Reference Frames for Enhanced Robot Positioning Accuracy
  • Control of Robotic Systems Undergoing a Non-Contact to Contact Transition
  • Motion Control of a Robot Manipulator in Free Space Based on Model Predictive Control
  • Experimental Control of Flexible Robot Manipulators
  • Improvement of Force Control in Robotic Manipulators Using Sensor Fusion Techniques
  • Adaptive Neural Network Based Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control of Robot Manipulator
  • Impedance Control of Flexible Robot Manipulators
  • Simple Effective Control for Robot Manipulators with Friction
  • On Transpose Jacobian Control for Monocular Fixed-Camera 3D Direct Visual Servoing
  • Novel Framework of Robot Force Control Using Reinforcement Learning
  • Link Mass Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms for Industrial Robot Manipulators
  • FPGA-Realization of a Motion Control IC for Robot Manipulator
  • Experimental Identification of the Inverse Dynamic Model: Minimal Encoder Resolution Needed Application to an Industrial Robot Arm and a Haptic Interface
  • Towards Simulation of Custom Industrial Robots
  • Design and Simulation of Robot Manipulators Using a Modular Hardware-in-the-loop Platform
  • Soft-Computing Techniques for the Trajectory Planning of Multi-Robot Manipulator Systems
  • Robot Control Using On-Line Modification of Reference Trajectories
  • Motion Behavior of Null Space in Redundant Robotic Manipulators
  • Paddle Juggling by Robot Manipulator with Visual Servo
  • An Industrial Robot as Part of an Automatic System for Geometric Reverse Engineering
  • Sensing Planning of Calibration Measurements for Intelligent Robots
  • Robot Programming in Machining Operations
  • Dynamic Visual Servoing with an Uncalibrated Eye-in-Hand Camera
  • Vision-Guided Robot Control for 3D Object Recognition and Manipulation

Book Details

Author(s): Asim Bhatti
Publisher: InTech
Format(s): PDF
File size: 47.41 MB
Number of pages: 372
Link: Download.

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