Squeak: Open Personal Computing and Multimedia

Squeak: Open Personal Computing and Multimedia

Squeak: Open Personal Computing and Multimedia is the only book on Squeak that addresses the advanced features for the student, researcher, multimedia developer, open source developer, hobbyist, and the professional. Developed for Smalltalk, it is for anyone that wants a powerful, cross-platform, and open alternative to the traditional multimedia and exploratory languages.


The only advanced book on Squeak, an important up-and-coming programming language, and includes an introductory chapter to help those who know programming but not Squeak. Squeak is the only tool that allows users to explore computer music, digital sound, advanced user interfaces, 3-D computer graphics, Flash animation, and virtual machine creation (such as for embedded systems) across Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. This book is the best documentation of Squeak for those purposes. Provides details on 3-D Computer Graphics, Advanced UI, Streaming Audio, and other multimedia topics. Provides detailed tours of the architecture of a virtual machine (including tradeoffs), porting it to multiple platforms and extensions mechanisms. Includes description of the efforts of an Open Source Community. Appropriate for all professionals in Advanced Object-Oriented Programming, Multimedia Systems and Developments, and Software Engineering Special-Topics: Open-Source, and Embedded Systems fields as an authoritative guide to the use of Squeak as a Multimedia Tool.

Table of Contents

  • Squeak for Nonnative Speakers.
  • An Introduction to Morphic: The Squeak User Interface Framework.
  • Alice in a Squeak Wonderland.
  • Networking Squeak.
  • Back to the Future.
  • Back to the Future Once More.
  • A Tour of the Squeak Object Engine.
  • Porting Squeak.
  • Extending the Squeak Virtual Machine.
  • MathMorphs: An Environment for Learning and Doing Math.
  • Extending MathMorphs with Function Plotting.
  • Music and Sound Processing in Squeak Using Siren.
  • Streaming Audio.
  • Embracing Change with Squeak: Extreme Programming (XP).
  • Computers and Squeak as Environments for Learning.
  • The Future of Squeak.

Book Details

Author(s): Mark Guzdial
Format(s): PDF
Number of pages: 544
Link: Download.

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