Free book on SpamAssassin from O’Reilly Commons. SpamAssassin by Alan Schwartz, is the only published resource devoted to SpamAssassin and how to integrate it effectively into your networks.


This clear, concise guide clarifies the installation, configuration, and use of the SpamAssassin spam-checking system (versions 2.63 and 3.0) for Unix system administrators using the Postfix, Sendmail, Exim, or qmail mail servers, helping administrators make the right integration decision for their particular environments.

The SpamAssassin system is software for analyzing email messages, determining how likely they are to be spam, and reporting its conclusions. It is a rule-based system that compares different parts of email messages with a large set of rules. Each rule adds or removes points from a message’s spam score. A message with a high enough score is reported to be spam.

Table of Contents

  • Introducing SpamAssassin
  • SpamAssassin Basics
  • SpamAssassin Rules
  • SpamAssassin as a Learning System
  • Integrating SpamAssassin with sendmail
  • Integrating SpamAssassinwith Postfix
  • Integrating SpamAssassin with qmail
  • Integrating SpamAssassin with Exim
  • Using SpamAssassin as a Proxy

Book Details

Author(s): Alan Schwartz
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 224
Link: Read online.

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