Software Architect

This is a primer to help a Software Developer or Software Engineer become a Software Architect. It is intended to introduce he role of the Software Architect and the arena in which the Software Architect will operate. There is a tremendous amount of software being developed for an equally huge amount of reasons.


Unfortunately, in this high technology, leading edge, paradigm-shifting world of computing, we have forgotten the original promise of technology. It was meant to make our lives easier. This book is about how individuals can take the lead in realigning our development efforts to that promise. In doing so, we shall in turn take our lead from the practice of Architecture, when Architects formed themselves into organisations determined to combat the problem of buildings falling on people’s heads.

The change is already underway. The position of Software Architect, or a similar title, has been created by many organisations in the realisation that software development needs to be led by a single mind, or more accurately, by a single vision. This book will guide you to the skills you need to become a software architect and survive as one.

Table of Contents

  • Modelling with UML
  • The Waterfall
  • Initiation
  • Requirements gathering
  • Analysis
  • A design primer
  • Design
  • Visual design
  • Writing code
  • Releasing software
  • Iterative, incremental methods
  • Managing the environment
  • When can I have it?
  • The way of the SA
  • Patterns & Antipatterns
  • Show me your architecture
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Where do we go from here?
  • Aardvark & Aardvark

Book Details

Author(s): Nigel Leeming
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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