Smalltalk by Example: The Developer’s Guide

Smalltalk by Example: The Developer's Guide

This free Smalltalk book covers the following topics: Handle errors using Smalltalk’s handling mechanism, Change procedural code into object-oriented code, Write multithreaded applications with semaphores and mutexes, Use the Model View Controller paradigm to split applications into pieces that each focus on the domain problem and user interaction.


A lot of the material describes standard Smalltalk, but some material is specific to VisualWorks from ParcPlace-Digitalk. The book assumes that the reader is using VisualWorks 2.0 or VisualWorks 2.5, and where appropriate it explains the differences between these two releases. All the examples have been verified on both VisualWorks 2.0 and VisualWorks 2.5. Note that in most examples, to save space I have not shown the temporary variable declarations, so you will be prompted when you try to run or accept the code.

Table of Contents

  • Basic Concepts
  • Messages
  • Methods
  • Variables
  • Instance Creat
  • Special Symbol
  • Global Variabl
  • Control Struct
  • Object Oriente
  • Object
  • Collections
  • Strings
  • Streams
  • Files
  • Printing Object
  • Processes
  • Coordinating
  • Cleaning Up
  • The Dependency
  • Error Handling
  • Debugging
  • Common Errors
  • Model View Controller
  • MVC
  • Hooks into the system
  • Changing Widget
  • Extending theFramework
  • Eliminating Procedural
  • Meta Programm
  • Testing
  • Customizing
  • Changes to Sys
  • Managing Source
  • ENVY
  • Public Domain

Book Details

Author(s): Alec Sharp
Format(s): PDF
Number of pages: 359
Link: Download.

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