Smalltalk-80, The Interactive Programming Environment

Smalltalk-80, The Interactive Programming Environment

Great for a newbie getting started with an ST-80 based system like Squeak. The book covers as its title implies the UI. The Smalltalk-80 system consists of an object-oriented programming language and an integrated collection of tools for interacting with components of that language.


In the Smalltalk-80 language, the fundamental way to indicate that something should happen is by sending a message to an object.
An object is a representation of information consisting of private memory, and a set of operations to manipulate information stored in the private memory or to carry out some actions relative to that information. Sending a message is the Smalltalk-80 way of asking the object to carry out one of its operations.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the Book and the System
  • Basic User Interface Components
  • How to Use the Text Editor
  • How to Use Projects
  • Fundamentals of the Smalltalk-80 Language
  • How to Evaluate Expressions
  • How to Make Pictures
  • Finding Out About Instances
  • Finding Out About System Classes
  • Finding Out About Messages and Methods
  • Modifying Existing Class Descriptions
  • Modifying Existing Class Definitions
  • Creating a New Class Description
  • Improving Performance
  • Examples of Creating or Changing Browsers
  • Spelling Correction
  • Syntax Errors
  • Notification of an Execution Interrupt
  • Examining and Debugging Execution State
  • Kinds of Execution Interrupts
  • Single-stepping Through an Execution
  • The File System
  • System Backup, Crash Recovery, and Cleanup

Book Details

Author(s): Adele Goldberg
Format(s): PDF
File size: 40.0 MB
Number of pages: 530
Link: Download.

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