Service Robot Applications

Service Robot Applications

The aim of this book is to provide new ideas, original results and practical experiences regarding service robotics.


This book provides only a small example of this research activity, but it covers a great deal of what has been done in the field recently. Furthermore, it works as a valuable resource for researchers interested in this field.


  • Robotic Patient Lift and Transfer
  • Sensory-Motor Coupling in Rehabilitation Robotics
  • Mobility Assistive Robots for Disabled Patients
  • Intelligent Wheelchair Robot “TAO Aicle”
  • Perceptual Navigation for Semi-Autonomous Wheelchair Operations
  • Intelligent Robot Human Interface Using Cheek Movement for Severely Handicapped Persons
  • Service Robotics: Robot-Assisted Training for Stroke Rehabilitation
  • A One Hand Drive Wheelchair with New Manipulation Mechanism Constructed by a Triple Ring and with Assist Functions
  • Development of a Walking Assistive Service Robot for Rehabilitation of Elderly People
  • Experiences Developing Safe and Fault-Tolerant Tele-Operated Service Robots. A Case Study in Shipyards
  • Service Robot Operated by CDMA Networks for Security Guard at Home
  • Safety Intelligence and Legal Machine Language: Do We Need the Three Laws of Robotics?
  • A Novel Modular Mobile Robot Prototype for Urban Search and Rescue
  • Imitation-Based Task Programming on a Low-Cost Humanoid Robot
  • Psychological Evaluation for Rough Shape and Biped Walking of Humanoid Robots Using Virtual Reality
  • A Novel Arm-Wrestling Robot Using Motion Dependant Force Control
  • Sewer Robotics
  • Visual Novelty Detection for Mobile Inspection Robots
  • An Inspection Robot for High Voltage Power Transmission Line and Its Dynamics Study
  • Teaching Introductory Programming Concepts with Lego MindStorms in Greek High Schools: A Two-Year Experience
  • Agricultural Robots — Applications and Economic Perspectives
  • Service Robotics in Construction

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Author(s): Yoshihiko Takahashi
Format(s): PDF
File size: 43.92 MB
Number of pages: 400
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