Sams Teach Yourself Visual Studio .NET 2003 in 21 Days

Sams Teach Yourself Visual Studio .NET 2003 in 21 Days

Free online book “Sams Teach Yourself Visual Studio .NET in 21 Days” will help developers that are new to application development and experienced developers understand how to use the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET to rapidly develop any type of computer software.

By going through the lessons over the next 21 days, you’ll learn about the key components that make up Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework. The .NET Framework is a colossal technology, but over the next 21 days, you’ll learn how to effectively use what you need to start writing applications immediately. Throughout the book, all the code examples are in both Visual Basic .NET and C#, so if you have a preference for one language, you can implement any of the code immediately.


  • Introduction to the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Introduction to Visual Studio .NET
  • Writing Windows Forms Applications
  • Deploying Windows Forms Applications
  • Writing ASP.NET Applications
  • Deploying ASP.NET Applications
  • Exceptions, Debugging, and Tracing
  • Core Language Concepts in Visual Basic .NET and C#
  • Using Namespaces in .NET
  • Accessing Data with ADO.NET
  • Understanding Visual Database Tools
  • Accessing XML in .NET
  • XML Web Services in .NET
  • Components and .NET
  • Writing International Applications
  • Using Macros in Visual Studio .NET
  • Automating Visual Studio .NET
  • Using Crystal Reports
  • Understanding Microsoft Application Center Test
  • Using Visual SourceSafe
  • Object Role Modeling with Visio

Book Details

Author(s): Jason Beres
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 696
Link: Read online.

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