Free Ruby Books - Part 3

Ruby Programming

This book is broken down into (roughly) three sections. Getting started will teach you the basics of Ruby, enough to get started on your own projects

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The PHP AnthologyThe Principles Of Project Management - Free Preview!
Learn how you can deliver projects on time and on budget, again and again. Every project you manage will be unique. Scope, budgets, team dynamics, and timeframes will differ. As a project manager, the most important factor in achieving project success will be your understanding of 'The Principles Of Project Management'. This book will show you that project management isn't rocket science.

Learning Ruby

Free online book “Learning Ruby” by Daniel Carrera. The first chapter covers the fundamentals of writing a program. It is required knowledge for anyone aspiring to program in Ruby. The second chapter covers the fundamental concepts needed to perform any task.

RubyGems User Guide

This free online book demonstrates the use of the most important features of RubyGems in a quick and high-level way. It is designed to be read all the way through to give the reader a feeling for this technology. RubyGems is the premier ruby packaging system.

Ruby User’s Guide

This is an introductory user’s guide to Ruby programming language. It is available online.