Robotic Soccer

Robotic Soccer

Many papers in the book concern advanced research on (multi-)robot subsystems, naturally motivated by the challenges posed by robot soccer, but certainly applicable to other domains:


Reasoning, multi-criteria decision-making, behavior and team coordination, cooperative perception, localization, mobility systems (namely omni-directional wheeled motion, as well as quadruped and biped locomotion, all strongly developed within RoboCup), and even a couple of papers on a topic apparently solved before Soccer Robotics – color segmentation – but for which several new algorithms were introduced since the mid-nineties by researchers on the field, to solve dynamic illumination and fast color segmentation problems, among others.
This book is certainly a small sample of the research activity on Soccer Robotics going on around the globe as you read it, but it surely covers a good deal of what has been done in the field recently, and as such it works as a valuable source for researchers interested in the involved subjects, whether they are currently “soccer roboticists” or not.

Table of Contents

  • Communication and Collaboration in Heterogeneous Teams of Soccer Robots
  • Motion Detection and Object Tracking for an AIBO Robot Soccer Player
  • Comprehensive Omni-Directional Soccer Player Robots
  • Event-driven Hybrid Classifier Systems and Online Learning for Soccer Game Strategies
  • Robust and Accurate Detection of Object Orientation and ID without Color Segmentation
  • Behavior Acquisition in RoboCup Middle Size League Domain
  • Multicriterial Decision-Making Control of the Robot Soccer Team
  • Robust and Efficient Robot Vision Through Sampling
  • Robot Localisation Using a Distributed Multi-Modal Kalman Filter
  • Impossibles: A Fully Autonomous Four-Legged Robot Soccer Team
  • RoboCup@Home: Creating and Benchmarking Tomorrows Service Robot Applications
  • VolksBot – A Construction Kit for Multi-Purpose Robot Prototyping
  • Collaborative Localization and Gait Optimization of SharPKUngfu Team
  • Analysing the Difficulty of Learning Goal-Scoring Behaviour for Robot Soccer
  • Learning to Play Soccer with the SimpleSoccer Robot Soccer Simulator
  • Integrating Autonomous Behaviour and Team Coordination into an Embedded Architecture
  • Positioning in Robots Soccer
  • Non-Monotonic Reasoning on Board a Sony AIBO
  • Color Classification and Object Recognition for Robot Soccer Under Variable Illumination
  • Towards Model-based Vision Systems for Robot Soccer Teams
  • Probabilistic and Statistical Layered Approach for High-Level Decision Making in Soccer Simulation Robotics
  • Simulated Environment in Robot Soccer
  • A Robust and Scalable Pareto Optimal Ball Passing Algorithm for the Robotic Soccer
  • FC Portugal – High-Level Coordination Methodologies in Soccer Robotics
  • Desktop Robot Soccer
  • Embedded Behavioral Control of Four-legged Robots
  • A Comprehensive Framework for Perception in Robotic Soccer
  • Task Management for Soft Real-Time Applications Based on General Purpose Operating Systems
  • The Robotic Water Polo and Underwater Robot Cooperation Involved in the Game

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Author(s): Pedro Lima
Format(s): PDF
File size: 33.21 MB
Number of pages: 598
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