Robot Motion Planning and Control

Robot Motion Planning and Control

“Robot Motion Planning and Control” by Jean-Paul Laumond. Download each chapter in pdf format.


The purpose of this book is not to present a current state of the art in motionplanning and control. We have chosen to emphasize on recent issues whichhave been developed within the 90’s. In this sense, it completes Latombe’sbook published in 1991. Moreover an objective of this book is to illustrate thenecessary interdisciplinarity of the domain: the authors come from Robotics, Computational Geometry, Control Theory and Mathematics. All of them sharea common understanding of the robotic problem.The chapters cover recent and fruitful results in motion planning and con-trol. Four of them deal with nonholonomic systems; another one is dedicatedto probabilistic algorithms; the last one addresses collision detection, a criticaloperation in algorithmic motion planning.

Table of Contents

  • Guidelines in Nonholonomic Motion Planning for Mobile Robots
  • Geometry of Nonholonomic Systems
  • Optimal Trajectories for Nonholonomic Mobile Robots
  • Feedback Control of a Nonholonomic Car-like Robot
  • Probabilistic Path Planning
  • Collision Detection Algorithms for Motion Planning

Book Details

Author(s): Jean-Paul Laumond
Publisher: Springer
Format(s): PDF
Link: Download.

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