REBOL Essentials

REBOL Essentials

Download this free REBOL book in pdf format. REBOL is a free, cross platform, highly reflective, flexible, compact, interpreted language that optimally fits the needs of daily programming tasks – especially network/Internet related tasks. REBOL was designed by Carl Sassenrath, the software architect responsible for the Amiga OS. REBOL was first released in 1997 and since then there have been many improvements.


The first part makes you familiar with REBOL concepts and terms, summarizes all language elements and provides a profound starting ground for own programs and the following specialized chapters. The chapters in the second part are self-contained texts on various interesting REBOL topics collected from the REBOL/Core User Guide, the mailing list, various resources from other people and of course, my experience with programming in REBOL. It is recommended that you read the chapters you are interested most at the beginning, in order to be able to write programs you can use and the other chapters when there is time, in order to get a decent understanding of the REBOL universe.

Table of Contents

  • What Is Rebol?
  • Running Your First Program
  • Rebol Basics
  • Control Structures
  • Simple Math
  • Strings
  • Exercise Programs
  • Working With Rebol
  • Series
  • Function
  • Tiny Reference
  • Parsing
  • Object
  • Cgi & R80v5 Embedded Rebol
  • Network Programming
  • Xml-Rpc
  • Rebol Idioms
  • Vid, Draw
  • Effects
  • Handling Events

Book Details

Author(s): Viktor Pavlu
Format(s): PDF
File size: 750 KB
Number of pages: 68
Link: Download.

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