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Read “Up and Running with Node.js” by Tom Hughes-Croucher for free from O’Reilly Open Feedback Publishing System. Node.js is many things, but mostly it’s a way of running JavaScript outside the web browser.


This book will cover why that’s important, and what benefits Node.js provides. This introduction attempts to sum up that explanation in a few paragraphs, rather than a few hundred pages. Many people use the JavaScript programming languages extensively for programming the interfaces of Web sites. Node.js allows this popular programming language to be applied in many more contexts, in particular on Web servers. There are several notable features about Node.js that make it worthy of interest.

Table of Contents

  • Core Concepts
  • Writing Code with Node.js
  • API Documentation
  • Installing Platform Dependencies
  • A Short Guide to JavaScript
  • WTFJS – Learning JavaScript’s quirks
  • API documentation attribution

Book Details

Author(s): Tom Hughes-Croucher and Mike Wilson
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 200
Link: Read online.

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