Dojo: The Definitive Guide

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Read “Dojo: The Definitive Guide: Powering Up Ajax Development Techniques” by Matthew A. Russell for free from O’Reilly Media’s Open Feedback Publishing System. The Dojo toolkit provides an end-to-end solution for development in the browser — everything from its standard JavaScript library and turnkey widgets to build tools and a testing framework.


This comprehensive guide to Dojo includes a hard-hitting reference to help you build rich and responsive web applications with complex layouts and form controls closely resembling those found in the most advanced desktop applications. If you’re a DHTML-toting web developer, you need to read this book.

Table of Contents

  • Toolkit Overview
  • Language and Browser Utilities
  • Event Listeners and Pub/Sub Communication
  • AJAX and Server Communication
  • Node Manipulation
  • Internationalization (i18n)
  • Drag-and-Drop
  • Animation and Special Effects
  • Data Abstraction
  • Simulated Classes and Inheritance
  • Dijit Overview
  • Dijit Anatomy and Lifecycle
  • Form Widgets
  • Layout Widgets
  • Application Widgets
  • Build Tools, Testing, and Production Considerations

Book Details

Author(s): Matthew Russell
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 496
Link: Read online.

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