Programming the .NET Compact Framework in Visual Basic .NET

Programming the .NET Compact Framework in Visual Basic .NET

Each chapter of this book can be downloaded as a free pdf. This book is divided into following topics: Foundations, User-Interface Programming, Managing Device Data and Creating Graphical Output.


.NET Compact Framework Programming with Visual Basic .NET is the definitive tutorial and reference for the .NET Compact Framework (CF). It shows you how to transfer your skills and your code to the Pocket PC 2003 and other mobile and embedded smart devices.

Authors Paul Yao and David Durant draw upon their years of research and experience with members of the Microsoft .NET CF team to show you exactly how the best CF programming gets done in Visual Basic .NET. This is the only book a programmer needs to master the art of CF coding. Throughout the book, sample code and examples illustrate best practices and programming techniques. In addition, the companion Web site includes downloadable code for all these examples, along with a set of development tools to help you with your CF development projects.

Table of Contents

  • Compact Framework Architecture
  • What is a Compact Framework Program?
  • Fundamental .NET Data Types
  • Platform Invoke
  • Creating Forms
  • Mouse and Keyboard Input
  • Inside Controls
  • Data Binding
  • Inside More Controls
  • Custom Controls
  • Storage
  • ADO.NET Programming
  • Synchronizing Mobile Data
  • Remote API (RAPI)
  • Compact Framework Graphics
  • Text and Fonts
  • Printing

Book Details

Author(s): Paul Yao and David Durant
Format(s): PDF
Link: Download.

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