Programming from Specifications

Programming from Specifications presents a rigorous treatment of most elementary program-development constructs, including iteration, recursion, procedures, parameters, modules and data refinement.


The second edition retains the simple approach of the original: the integration of specification, development and coding, and the use of ordinary (classical) logic. Additions include more material on data refinement, a complete chapter on recursively defined types, and two further extended case studies.

Table of Contents

  • Programs and refinement
  • The predicate calculus
  • Assignments and sequential composition
  • Alternation
  • Iteration
  • Types and declarations
  • Case study: Square root
  • Initial variables
  • Constructed types
  • Case study: Insertion Sort
  • Procedures and parameters
  • Case study: Heap sort
  • Recursive procedures
  • Case study: The Gray code
  • Recursive types
  • Modules and encapsulation
  • State transformation and data refinement
  • Case study: Majority voting
  • Origins and conclusions
  • Case study: A paragraph problem
  • Case study: The largest rectangle under a histogram
  • Case study: A mail system
  • Semantics

Book Details

Author(s): Carroll Morgan
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Format(s): PostScript
Number of pages: 332
Link: Download.

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