Programmed Lessons in QBasic

This is a gentle introduction to programming using the computer programming language QBasic (sometimes called QuickBasic). This introduction is used for a course in computer literacy for students of all majors. Its goal is to show what programming is about using the fundamental features of QBasic.


These notes are an introduction to computer programming using the language QBasic. The twenty-four chapters will give you an idea of what programming is all about. If you faithfully work your way through all the chapters, you will learn how all the gritty details that programming involves add up to the wonderful things called “programs.” You will be able to write some simple programs yourself.

These notes are about programming, but they do not try to make you a programmer. Their goal is to increase your understanding of computers in the modern world. If you are thinking about becoming a programmer, studying these notes is a good first step. However, these notes are aimed at students who are not computer science majors. Details have been kept to a minimum.

Table of Contents

  • Small Programs
  • Arithmetic Expressions
  • Variables
  • The INPUT Statement
  • Beginning Graphics
  • Loops, More about Loops
  • Example Programs with Loops
  • Loop Conditions
  • Decision Making
  • Single-branch IF Statements
  • Logical Expressions
  • String Variables
  • Creating Large Programs
  • More about Program Structure
  • Practice with Program Construction
  • Decisions, Many-way Decisions
  • FOR Loops
  • Further about the FOR Statement
  • Nested Loops, and Graphics
  • Arrays, Arrays of Numbers, Arrays and Loops
  • File Output, File Input
  • Installing QBasic, Running QBasic

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