Practical mod_perl

Practical mod_perl

This is a free perl book from O’Reilly Open Books Project. mod_perl is an Apache module that builds the power of the Perl programming language directly into the Apache web server.


With mod_perl, CGI scripts run as much as 50 times faster, and you can integrate databases with the server, write Apache modules in Perl, embed Perl code directly into Apache configuration files, and even use Perl in server-side includes. With mod_perl, Apache is not only a web server, it is a complete programming platform.
Getting mod_perl running is easy. Tweaking mod_perl and Apache for the best performance and reliability is much more difficult. This book is about building mod_perl, using it, programming with it, and optimizing it.

Table of Contents

  • Introducing CGI and mod_perl
  • Getting Started Fast
  • Installing mod_perl
  • mod_perl Configuration
  • Web Server Control, Monitoring, Upgrade, and Maintenance
  • Coding with mod_perl in Mind
  • Identifying Your Performance Problems
  • Choosing a Platform for the Best Performance
  • Essential Tools for Performance Tuning
  • Improving Performance with Shared Memory and Proper Forking
  • Tuning Performance by Tweaking Apache’s Configuration
  • Server Setup Strategies
  • TMTOWTDI: Convenience and Habit Versus Performance
  • Defensive Measures for Performance Enhancement
  • Improving Performance Through Build Options
  • HTTP Headers for Optimal Performance
  • Databases Overview
  • mod_perl Data-Sharing Techniques
  • DBM and mod_perl
  • Relational Databases and mod_perl
  • Error Handling and Debugging
  • Troubleshooting mod_perl
  • Getting Help and Online Resources
  • mod_perl 2.0: Installation and Configuration
  • Programming for mod_perl 2.0

Book Details

Author(s): Stas Bekman and Eric Cholet.
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Format(s): PDF, HTML
Number of pages: 924
Link: Download or read online.

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