Free PostgreSQL Books

Postgres Succinctly [PDF, Kindle]

Postgres Succinctly

In this free ebook from Syncfusion, author Peter Shaw guides you from installing Postgres, to creating your first database, to using Postgres in a .NET application with ADO .NET and Entity Framework.

PostgreSQL 9.0 Reference Manual

PostgreSQL 9.0 Reference Manual

This manual is part of the official reference documentation for PostgreSQL 9.0. It describes the SQL language specification as implemented by PostgreSQL, including syntax, data types, functions and operators, indexes and transactions. The new XML datatypes and full-text index support of PostgreSQL 9 are also fully documented.

PostgreSQL Manual

This PostgreSQL Manual can be downloaded in pdf and html formats. This book is the official documentation of PostgreSQL. It has been written by the PostgreSQL developers and other volunteers in parallel to the development of the PostgreSQL software. It describes all the functionality that the current version of PostgreSQL officially supports.