Pick Basic: A Programmer’s Guide

Pick/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide

This was the first textbook devoted entirely to the PICK/BASIC language. It provided a step-by-step approach to learning the language, and covered nearly every instruction in the many programs included in the book.


This book assumes that you already are familiar with the Pick Editor (EDIT) and the Pick file structure. Some of the Editor commands are provided in the tutorials, but there are many features of the Editor which are not discussed.

A background in programming in any language would be helpful, but it’s not absolutely vital in order to comprehend and make use of this book. For newcomers to programming, it is important to read the section called “If You Are New To Programming.” Even if you have programmed before, this section is suggested reading.

Using a “cookbook” approach, this book takes you through practical working examples of nearly every command in the PICK/BASIC language. Some instructions, like the trigonometric functions, are not called upon very frequently where the majority of Pick systems are actually used, such as in accounting departments. Thus, these and other esoteric instructions are omitted.

Table of Contents

  • Pick Terminology and Concepts
  • The Related TCL Processes
  • Fundamental Pick/BASIC Statements and Functions
  • The Concept of Loops
  • Calculations and the Principle of Precedence
  • String-Handling Intrinsic Functions
  • Data Conversion and Print Masking
  • Numeric Data Conversion and Output Routing
  • The CASE Statement and Controlling Switches
  • Looping with the FOR-NEXT Statement
  • Extending the FOR-NEXT Construct
  • An Introduction to FILE I/O
  • Manipulating Dynamic Arrays
  • A Generalized Data Entry Program
  • Formatting Reports and Passing PROC Arguments
  • Using the EXECUTE Statement
  • External Subroutines

Book Details

Author(s): Jonathan E. Sisk
Publisher: Tab Books
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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