PHP-Nuke Management and Programming

This guide describes the installation and structure of PHP-Nuke and the details of customizing the front end to suit the users’ needs. The architecture of PHP-Nuke, with its modules, blocks, topics and themes is presented in detail, as well as the interplay of PHP and MySQL for the creation of a mighty content management system (CMS).


It also delves into more advanced issues, like the programming of PHP-Nuke blocks and modules, security, acceleration, and optimization. Day-to-day operations and miscellaneous topics are also covered.There has always been the necessity to have a definitive guide on PHP-Nuke. Due to time constraints, nobody has ever had the will to carry out this operation. Not any more! With this book, PHP-Nuke now posesses the most comprehensive guide on the subject, suitable for newbies and advanced users alike!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to PHP-Nuke
  • How to install PHP-Nuke
  • How to upgrade PHP-Nuke
  • How to move PHP-Nuke
  • Front end structure: user view
  • Back end structure: administrator view
  • PHP-Nuke add-ons
  • Architecture and structure
  • Session management
  • Editing PHP (-Nuke) files
  • Modifying the PHP-Nuke database
  • Modifying PHP-Nuke texts
  • Customising PHP-Nuke themes
  • Modifying the PHP-Nuke HTML header
  • Modifying mainfile.php
  • Modifying PHP-Nuke blocks
  • Modifying the PHP-Nuke administration panel
  • Creating PHP-Nuke blocks
  • Creating modules
  • Duplicating PHP-Nuke modules
  • Security
  • Accelerating PHP-Nuke
  • Optimizing PHP-Nuke
  • How to solve common probems with PHP-Nuke
  • Programmer’s tools

Book Details

Author(s): Chris Karakas and Claudio Erba.
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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