Perl for the Web

Perl for the Web

Perl for the Web is a free online perl book. If raw speed were the only concern, Web performance problems could be solved simply by upgrading hardware or adding additional servers. Unfortunately, real-world Web sites, which are ever more central to many business practices, are also limited by budgets, tight timelines, and limited resources.


Still, these systems need to be fast. Thus, new techniques are needed to add enterprise-class performance to Web applications on a shoestring budget. “Perl for the Web” provides tools and strategies to improve the performance of existing Web applications in Perl with case studies and real-world examples. It also provides principles and ideas that help Web programmers create an extensible framework for future growth. Special attention is given to upcoming technologies, including integration, the wireless Web, and XML-based automation, with an eye toward using existing tools to address the challenges of tomorrow’s applications.

Table of Contents

  • Sources of Unexpected Traffic
  • Budget and Schedules Aren’t Ideal
  • Site Design vs. Application Design
  • Prototypes vs. Live Sites
  • Architecture-Based Performance Loss
  • Often-Overlooked Problems
  • Perl For the Web
  • Performance Myths
  • The Power of Persistence
  • Tools For Perl Persistence
  • Problems With Persistence
  • Environments For Reducing Development Time
  • Using Templates with Perl Applications
  • Database-Backed Web Sites
  • Testing Site Performance
  • XML And Content Management
  • Publishing XML for the Future
  • XML as a B2B Interface
  • Web Services
  • Scaling a Perl Solution
  • Perl 6 and the Future

Book Details

Author(s): Chris Radcliff
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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