Perl 5 Internals

A hands-on introduction to how the perl interpreter works internally, how to go about testing and fixing bugs in the interpreter, and what the internals are likely to look like in the future of Perl, Perl 6.


On this course, it is assumed that you will: be able to program Perl to at least an “intermediate” level; completing NetThink’s “Intermediate Perl” course is regarded as an adequate standard, have some familiarity with the C programming language, be able to use a compiler and, if necessary, symbolic debugger, without prompting.

Table of Contents

  • Perl Development Structure
  • Parts of the Interpreter
  • Internal Variables
  • The Lexer and the Parser
  • Fundamental Operations
  • The Perl Compiler

Book Details

Author(s): Simon Cozens
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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