PDF Succinctly

PDF Succinctly

“PDF Succinctly: Building PDFs from scratch with the help of pdftk and iTextSharp”, by Ryan Hodson, is another free eBook from Syncfusion Inc.


PDF documents have been in widespread use for years, and dozens of free and commercial PDF readers, editors, and libraries are readily available. However, despite this popularity, it’s still difficult to find a succinct guide to the native PDF format. Understanding the internal workings of a PDF makes it possible to dynamically generate
PDF documents. For example, a web server can extract information from a database, use it to customize an invoice, and serve it to the customer on the fly.

This book introduces the fundamental components of the native PDF language. With the help of a utility program called pdftk from PDF Labs, we’ll build a PDF document from scratch, learning how to position elements, select fonts, draw vector graphics, and create interactive tables of contents along the way. The goal is to provide enough information to let you start building your own documents without bogging you down with the many complexities of the PDF file format.

Table of Contents

  • Conceptual Overview
  • Building a PDF
  • Text Operators
  • Graphics Operators
  • Navigation and Annotations
  • Creating PDFs in C#

Book Details

Author(s): Ryan Hodson
Publisher: Syncfusion Inc.
Format(s): PDF, Mobi
File size: 1.33 MB
Number of pages: 60
Link: Download.

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