Parallel Manipulators, New Developments

Parallel Manipulators, New Developments

Parallel manipulators are characterized as having closed-loop kinematic chains. Compared to serial manipulators, which have open-ended structure, parallel manipulators have many advantages in terms of accuracy, rigidity and ability to manipulate heavy loads.


Therefore, they have been getting many attentions in astronomy to flight simulators and especially in machine-tool industries.The aim of this book is to provide an overview of the state-of-art, to present new ideas, original results and practical experiences in parallel manipulators. This book mainly introduces advanced kinematic and dynamic analysis methods and cutting edge control technologies for parallel manipulators. Even though this book only contains several samples of research activities on parallel manipulators, I believe this book can give an idea to the reader about what has been done in the field recently, and what kind of open problems are in this area.

Table of Contents

  • On the Robust Dynamics Identification of Parallel Manipulators: Methodology and Experiments
  • Neural Network Solutions for Forward Kinematics Problem of HEXA Parallel Robot
  • Acceleration Analysis of 3-RPS Parallel Manipulators by Means of Screw Theory
  • Multiscale Manipulations with Multiple Parallel Mechanism Manipulators
  • Principal Screws and Full-Scale Feasible Instantaneous Motions of Some 3-DOF Parallel Manipulators
  • Singularity Robust Inverse Dynamics of Parallel Manipulators
  • Control of a Flexible Manipulator with Noncollocated Feedback: Time Domain Passivity Approach
  • Dynamic Modelling and Vibration Control of a Planar Parallel Manipulator with Structurally Flexible Linkages
  • Task Space Approach of Robust Nonlinear Control for a 6 DOF Parallel Manipulator
  • Tactile Displays with Parallel Mechanism
  • Design, Analysis and Applications of a Class of New 3-DOF Translational Parallel Manipulators
  • Specific Parameters of the Perturbation Profile Differentially Influence the Vertical and Horizontal Head Accelerations During Human Whiplash Testing
  • Error Modeling and Accuracy of TAU Robot
  • Kinematic Parameters Auto-Calibration of Redundant Planar 2-DOF Parallel Manipulator
  • Application of Neural Networks to Modeling and Control of Parallel Manipulators
  • Asymptotic Motions of Three-Parametric Robot Manipulators with Parallel Rotational Axes
  • Topology and Geometry of Serial and Parallel Manipulators
  • Conserving Integrators for Parallel Manipulators
  • Wire Robots Part I: Kinematics, Analysis & Design
  • Wire Robots Part II: Dynamics, Control & Application
  • Parallel Robot Scheduling with Genetic Algorithms
  • Design and Prototyping of a Spherical Parallel Machine Based on 3-CPU Kinematics
  • Quantitative Dexterous Workspace Comparison of Serial and Parallel Planar Mechanisms
  • Calibration of 3-DOF Translational Parallel Manipulators Using Leg Observations
  • Type Design of Decoupled Parallel Manipulators with Lower Mobility

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Author(s): Jee-Hwan Ryu
Format(s): PDF
File size: 24.16 MB
Number of pages: 498
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