Design Guidelines for Class Library Developers

It is strongly recommended that you follow these design guidelines when developing classes and components that extend the .NET Framework. Inconsistent design adversely affects developer productivity. Development tools and add-ins can turn some of these guidelines into de facto prescriptive rules, and reduce the value of nonconforming components. Nonconforming components will function, but not to their full potential.

Compilers and Compiler Generators: An introduction with C++

Compilers and Compiler Generators: An introduction with C++ is available in pdf, postscript and zipped html formats. It is also available as an online book. This book has been written to support a practically oriented course in programming language translation for senior undergraduates in Computer Science.

PHP Essentials

PHP Essentials

The book is intended to cover all aspects of PHP. It begins by covering the history of PHP before providing a high level overview of how PHP works and why it is so useful to web developers. It then moves on to cover each area of PHP in detail, from the basics of the scripting language through to object oriented programming, file and filesystem handling and MySQL and SQLite database access.

Intelligent Agents: Theory and Practice

Intelligent Agents: Theory and Practice, by Michael Wooldridge and Nick Jennings, is freely available online. The concept of an agent has become important in both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mainstream computer science.

DocBook 5.0: The Definitive Guide

DocBook 5.0: The Definitive Guide

This free online book examines and catalogs the entirety of the DocBook specification and will be useful to anyone who uses SGML to publish documents. We expect that most readers will have some familiarity with XML. Even if your experience goes no farther than writing a few HTML pages, you’re probably in good shape.

Media Ownership and Democracy in the Digital Information Age

Media Ownership and Democracy in the Digital Information Age

This book combines a detailed review of First Amendment jurisprudence with rigorous economic analysis to demonstrate the continuing need for structural limits on media ownership to promote democratic discourse.

The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors And Closing Deals Online [PDF]

The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors And Closing Deals Online

The Virtual Handshake is a down-to-earth explanation of how people really connect on the ‘net, and how to make that happen for yourself. David and Scott turn the abstract theory into practical action.

Building Secure ASP.NET Applications [PDF, Online]

Building Secure ASP.NET Applications

Building Secure ASP.NET Applications: Authentication, Authorization, and Secure Communication presents a practical, scenario driven approach to designing and building secure ASP.NET applications for Windows 2000 and version 1.0 of the .NET Framework.

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