Operating .NET-based Applications

Operating .NET-based Applications

This book gives you the best information available about monitoring and operating applications based on the Microsoft® .NET Framework.


If you are an administrator with responsibility for application operation and monitoring, then this book is for you. Although the primary focus is infrastructure and operations, developers involved in designing and creating applications that use the .NET Framework should find much of the information useful.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Application Monitoring Concepts
  • Selecting Data Sources
  • Instrumenting .NET-Based Applications
  • Configuring Management Applications
  • Notifying and Reporting
  • General Security Recommendations
  • Managing Security with Windows 2000 Group Policy
  • Securing Servers Based on Role
  • Securing Servers Running .NET-Based Applications
  • Network Considerations for Servers Running .NET-Based Applications
  • Customizing the Security Environment for Specific Applications
  • Sizing and Capacity Planning for .NET-Based Applications
  • Sizing a .NET-Based Application
  • Capacity Planning
  • Performance Analysis

Book Details

Author(s): Microsoft Corporation
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.82 MB
Number of pages: 516
Link: Download.

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