Open Source: The Unauthorized White Papers

Open Source: The Unauthorized White Papers

This book is for general readers and computer users who wish the entire subjects of Open Source and Linux would sit still in one place long enough for them to get a look at it and they do in this book. These general readers are unsatisfied by media accounts and don’t know where to look for detailed information on the Internet.


This book is also for corporate IT managers who want to know more about how Open Source will fit in with corporate computing strategies. And, finally, it is for those members of the Open Source community who would like a chance to look back at where they came from and see their movement in a larger context.

Table of Contents

  • The Origins of Open Source Software
  • Commercializing Open Source Software
  • Benefits and Cost of Open Source in Your Business
  • Available Products and More to Come
  • Linux vs. Windows
  • The GNU GPL and the Open Source Definition
  • Complications of Open Source Licensing
  • The Drive Toward the Mainframe
  • The Secret Battlefield: Embedded Systems
  • The Platform: Software and Hardware
  • The Applications: Non-Traditional Business Models
  • The Proprietary Software Business: New Opportunities . . . and Pressures
  • Companies and Projects
  • Intellectual Property

Book Details

Author(s): Donald K. Rosenberg
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 374
Link: Read online.

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