Online Eiffel Documentation

Eiffel Software’s Eiffel is available on many platforms and is one of the first development environments to take advantage of the Microsoft.NET framework. Eiffel Software’s Eiffel comes with extensive online documentation. Please take the time to read up on Eiffel and the EiffelStudio environment to make the best possible use of the environment.

Table of Contents

  • Guide – Guide to Eiffel Information
  • EiffelStudio – The EiffelStudio Interactive Development Environment
  • Solutions – Eiffel Solutions, Technologies, and Class Libraries
  • Platform specifics – Specific support for particular platforms, e.g., Microsoft Windows
  • Method and Language – The Eiffel Method and Language
  • Why Eiffel? – Why Eiffel?
  • Examples – Contributor supported examples of Eiffel solutions to common programming problems
  • Papers – Technical and position papers relating to Eiffel and the engineering of high quality software
  • Community – Community Contributions

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