Objective-C Runtime Programming Guide

The Objective-C Programming Language

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The Objective-C language defers as many decisions as it can from compile time and link time to runtime. Whenever possible, it does things dynamically. This means that the language requires not just a compiler, but also a runtime system to execute the compiled code. The runtime system acts as a kind of operating system for the Objective-C language; it’s what makes the language work. This book looks at the NSObject class and how Objective-C programs interact with the runtime system. In particular, it examines the paradigms for dynamically loading new classes at runtime, and forwarding messages to other objects. It also provides information about how you can find information about objects while your program is running.

Table of Contents

  • Runtime Versions and Platforms
  • Interacting with the Runtime
  • Messaging
  • Dynamic Method Resolution
  • Message Forwarding
  • Type Encodings
  • Declared Properties

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