Object-oriented Programming in C# for C and Java programmers

Object-oriented Programming in C# for C and Java programmers

“Object-oriented Programming in C# for C and Java programmers”, written by Kurt Nørmark, is a complete textbook available online or as a pdf download. It also includes slides.


This is a free book about object-oriented programming, illustrated with use of the programming language C#. It is assumed, as a prerequisite, that the readers have some knowledge about imperative programming, preferably knowledge about C. I believe that it is best to learn object-oriented programming after having learned and worked with imperative programming. Thus, we adhere to an “object later approach”.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to object-oriented programming
  • Introduction to c#
  • Classes and objects
  • Reference types, value types, and patterns
  • Data access, properties, and methods
  • Operators, delegates, and events
  • Specialization, extension, and inheritance
  • Abstract classes, interfaces, and patterns
  • Exception handling
  • Input and output classes
  • Generic types and methods
  • Collection classes
  • Contracts and assertions
  • Test of object-oriented programs
  • Documentation of object-oriented programs

Book Details

Author(s): Kurt Nørmark
Format(s): PDF, HTML
File size: 2.90 MB
Number of pages: 485
Link: Download. | Read online.

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