New Developments in Robotics Automation and Control

New Developments in Robotics Automation and Control

This book represents the contributions of the top researchers in the field of robotics, automation and control and will serve as a valuable tool for professionals in these interdisciplinary fields.

The book consists of 25 chapters introducing both basic research and advanced developments. Topics covered include kinematics, dynamic analysis, accuracy, ptimization design, modelling, simulation and control.


  • The Area Coverage Problem for Dynamic Sensor Networks
  • Multichannel Speech Enhancement
  • Multiple Regressive Model Adaptive Control
  • Block-synchronous Harmonic Control for Scalable Trajectory Planning
  • Velocity Observer for Mechanical Systems
  • Evolution of Nuro-Controllers for Trajectory Planning Applied to a Bipedal Walking Robot with a Tail
  • Robotic Proximity Queries Library for Online Motion Planning Applications
  • Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Observer for a Switching Bioprocess: Sector Nonlinearity Approach
  • An Intelligent Marshalling Plan Using a New Reinforcement Learning System for Container Yard Terminals
  • Chaotic Neural Network with Time Delay Term for Sequential Patterns
  • PDE Based Approach for Segmentation of Oriented Patterns
  • The Robot Voice-control System with Interactive Learning
  • Intelligent Detection of Bad Credit Card Accounts
  • Improved Chaotic Associative Memory for Successive Learning
  • Kohonen Feature Map Associative Memory with Refractoriness Based on Area Representation
  • Incremental Motion Planning With Las Vegas Algorithms
  • Hierarchical Fuzzy Rule-Base System for MultiAgent Route Choice
  • The Artificial Neural Networks Applied to Servo Control Systems
  • Linear Programming in Database
  • Searching Model Structures Based on Marginal Model Structures
  • Active Vibration Control of a Smart Beam by Using a Spatial Approach
  • Time-scaling in the Control of Mechatronic Systems
  • Heap Models, Composition and Control
  • Batch Deterministic and Stochastic Petri Nets and Transformation Analysis Methods
  • Automatic Estimation of Parameters of Complex Fuzzy Control Systems

Book Details

Author(s): Aleksandar Lazinica
Publisher: InTech
Format(s): PDF
File size: 26.11 MB
Number of pages: 450
Link: Download.

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