New Approaches in Automation and Robotics

New Approaches in Automation and Robotics

The book New Approaches in Automation and Robotics offers in 22 chapters a collection of recent developments in automation, robotics as well as control theory. It is dedicated to researchers in science and industry, students, and practicing engineers, who wish to update and enhance their knowledge on modern methods and innovative applications.


The authors and editor of this book wish to motivate people, especially under-graduate students, to get involved with the interesting field of robotics and mechatronics. We hope that the ideas and concepts presented in this book are useful for your own work and could contribute to problem solving in similar applications as well. It is clear, however, that the wide area of automation and robotics can only be highlighted at several spots but not completely covered by a single book.

Table of Contents

  • A Model Reference Based 2-DOF Robust Observer-Controller Design Methodology
  • Switching Control in the Presence of Constraints and Unmodeled Dynamics
  • Advanced Torque Control
  • Design, Simulation and Development of Software Modules for the Control of Concrete Elements Production Plant
  • Operational Amplifiers and Active Filters: A Bond Graph Approach
  • Hypermobile Robots
  • Time-Scaling of SISO and MIMO Discrete-Time Systems
  • Models of Continuous-Time Linear Time-Varying Systems with Fully Adaptable System Modes
  • Directional Change Issues in Multivariable State-Feedback Control
  • A Smith Factorization Approach to Robust Minimum Variance Control of Nonsquare LTI MIMO Systems
  • Fuzzy Stabilization of Fuzzy Control Systems
  • Models for Simulation and Control of Underwater Vehicles
  • Nonlinear Model-Based Control of a Parallel Robot Driven by Pneumatic Muscle Actuators
  • Neural-Based Navigation Approach for a Bi-Steerable Mobile Robot
  • On the Estimation of Asymptotic Stability Region of Nonlinear Polynomial Systems: Geometrical Approaches
  • Networked Control Systems for Electrical Drives
  • Developments in the Control Loops Benchmarking
  • Bilinear Time Series in Signal Analysis
  • Nonparametric Identification of Nonlinear Dynamics of Systems Based on the Active Experiment
  • Group Judgement with Ties. Distance-Based Methods
  • An Innovative Method for Robots Modeling and Simulation
  • The Wafer Alignment Algorithm Regardless of Rotational Center

Book Details

Author(s): Harald Aschemann
Format(s): PDF
File size: 13.07 MB
Number of pages: 392
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