Neural Networks in Hardware

Neural Networks in Hardware: Architectures, Products and Applications by Clark S. Lindsey. It was often assumed in the early years of neural network research that implementation in special hardware would be required to take advantage of their capabilities.


Such hardware, in particular, would probably be analog and involve multiple parallel processing elements and connections between them. However, the tremendous growth in the digital computing power of conventional von Neuman machines has allowed NNW simulations in software to achieve great success in a number of applications. Meanwhile, the development of hardware especially designed for NNWs has been slow and with only modest commercial success. This overview looks at some possible reasons for this slow development and some of the areas where hardware NNWs in fact have been very useful and where future growth will occur.

Table of Contents

  • Why Hardware
  • NNW Applications
  • Amdahls Law
  • Hardware vs Software
  • Designer’s Dilemma
  • User’s Dilemma
  • Hardware NNW Apps
  • Hardware NNWs
  • Case Studies

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Author(s): Clark S. Lindsey
Format(s): HTML
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