Netizens: On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet

Netizens: On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet

Netizens, one of the first books detailing the Internet, looks at the creation and development of this participatory global computer network. The authors conducted online research to find out what makes the Internet “tick”.


This research results in an informative examination of the pioneering vision and actions that have helped make the Net possible. The book is a detailed description of the Net’s construction and a step-by-step view of the past, present, and future of the Internet, the Usenet and the WWW.

Table of Contents

  • The Net and the Netizens: The Impact the Net has on People’s Lives
  • The Evolution of Usenet: The Poor Man’s Arpanet
  • The Social Forces Behind The Development of Usenet
  • The World of Usenet
  • The Vision of Interactive Computing and the Future
  • Cybernetics, Time-sharing, Human-Computer Symbiosis and On-line Communities: Creating a Supercommunity of On-line Communities
  • Behind the Net: Computer Science and the Untold Story of the ARPANET
  • he Birth and Development of the ARPANET
  • On the Early History and Impact of UNIX: Tools to Build the Tools for a New Millennium
  • On the Early Days of Usenet: The Roots of the Cooperative Online Culture
  • The NTIA Conference on the Future of the Net Creating a Prototype for a Democratic Decision Making Process
  • “Imminent Death of the Net Predicted!”
  • The Effect of the Net on the Professional News Media: The Usenet News Collective and Man-Computer News Symbiosis
  • The Net and the Future of Politics: The Ascendancy of the Commons
  • Exploring New York City’s On-Line Community: A Snapshot of NYC.General
  • The Expanding Commonwealth of Learning: Printing and the Net
  • `Arte’: An Economic Perspective
  • The Computer as Democratizer

Book Details

Author(s): Michael Hauben and Ronda Hauben
Format(s): HTML
Link: Download.

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