Mobile Robots: Towards New Applications

Mobile Robots: Towards New Applications

The range of potential applications for mobile robots is enormous. It includes agricultural robotics applications, routine material transport in factories, warehouses, office buildings and hospitals, indoor and outdoor security patrols, inventory verification, hazardous material handling, hazardous site cleanup, underwater applications, and numerous military applications.


This book is the result of inspirations and contributions from many researchers worldwide. It presents a collection of wide range research results of robotics scientific community.Various aspects of current research in new robotics research areas and disciplines are explored and discussed. It is divided in three main parts covering different research areas: Humanoid Robots, Human-Robot Interaction, and Special Applications. We hope that you will find a lot of useful information in this book, which will help you in performing your research or fire your interests to start performing research in some of the cutting edge research fields mentioned in the book.

Table of Contents

  • Humanoid Robot Navigation Based on Groping Locomotion Algorithm to Avoid an Obstacle
  • Underwater Robots Part II: Existing Solutions and Open Issues
  • An Active Contour and Kalman Filter for Underwater Target Tracking and Navigation
  • Robotics Vision-based Heuristic Reasoning for Underwater Target Tracking and Navigation
  • The Surgeon’s Third Hand an Interactive Robotic C-Arm Fluoroscope
  • Facial Caricaturing Robot COOPER with Laser Pen and Shrimp Rice Cracker in Hands Exhibited at EXPO2005
  • Learning Features for Identifying Dolphins
  • Service Robots and Humanitarian Demining
  • Feasibility Study on an Excavation-Type Demining Robot PEACE
  • Attitude Compensation of Space Robots for Capturing Operation
  • Omni-directional Mobile Microrobots on a Millimeter Scale for a Microassembly System
  • Study of Dance Entertainment Using Robots
  • Experimental Robot Musician
  • On the Analogy in the Emergent Properties of Evolved Locomotion Gaits of Simulated Snakebot
  • Underwater Robots Part I: Current Systems and Problem Pose
  • Research and Development for Life Support Robots that Coexist in Harmony with People
  • Biped without Feet in Single Support: Stabilization of the Vertical Posture with Internal Torques
  • A Musculoskeletal Flexible-Spine Humanoid Kotaro Aiming at the Future in 15 Years Time
  • Modelling of Bipedal Robots Using Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators
  • Ground Reference Points in Legged Locomotion: Definitions, Biological Trajectories and Control Implications
  • Robotic Grasping: A Generic Neural Network Architecture
  • Compliant Actuation of Exoskeletons
  • Safe Motion Planning for Human-Robot Interaction: Design and Experiments
  • Command, Goal Disambiguation, Introspection, and Instruction in Gesture-Free Spoken Dialogue with a Robotic Office Assistant
  • Develop Human Safety Mechanism for Human-Symbiotic Mobile Manipulators: Compliant Hybrid Joints
  • Exploratory Investigation into Influence of Negative Attitudes toward Robots on Human-Robot Interaction
  • A New Approach to Implicit Human-Robot Interaction Using Affective Cues
  • Cognitive Robotics: Robot Soccer Coaching Using Spoken Language
  • Interactive Robots as Facilitators of Childrens Social Development
  • A Novel Autonomous Climbing Robot for Cleaning an Elliptic Half-Shell

Book Details

Author(s): Aleksandar Lazinica
Publisher: advanced robotic systems
Format(s): PDF, HTML
File size: 7.95 MB
Number of pages: 600
Link: Download.

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