Mobile Robots: Perception & Navigation

Mobile Robots: Perception & Navigation

Today robots navigate autonomously in office environments as well as outdoors. They show their ability to beside mechanical and electronic barriers in building mobile platforms, perceiving the environment and deciding on how to act in a given situation are crucial problems.


In this book we focused on these two areas of mobile robotics, Perception and Navigation. This book gives a wide overview over different navigation techniques describing both navigation techniques dealing with local and control aspects of navigation as well es those handling global navigation aspects of a single robot and even for a group of robots.

Table of Contents

  • Robot Egomotion from the Deformation of Active Contours
  • Autonomous Navigation of Indoor Mobile Robot Using Global Ultrasonic System
  • Distance Feedback Travel Aid Haptic Display Design
  • Efficient Data Association Approach to Simultaneous Localization and Map Building
  • A Generalized Robot Path Planning Approach Without The Cspace Calculation
  • A Pursuit-Rendezvous Approach for Robotic Tracking
  • Sensor-based Global Planning for Mobile Manipulators Navigation Using Voronoi Diagram and Fast Marching
  • Effective Method for Autonomous Simultaneous Localization and Map Building in Unknown Indoor Environments
  • Motion Planning and Reconfiguration for Systems of Multiple Objects
  • Symbolic Trajectory Description in Mobile Robotics
  • Robot Mapping and Navigation by Fusing Sensory Information
  • Intelligent Control of AC Induction Motors
  • Optimal Path Planning of Multiple Mobile Robots for Sample Collection on a Planetary Surface
  • Multi Robotic Conflict Resolution by Cooperative Velocity and Direction Control
  • Optimal Velocity Planning of Wheeled Mobile Robots on Specific Paths in Static and Dynamic Environments
  • Unified Dynamics-based Motion Planning Algorithm for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems (UVMS)
  • Visually Guided Robotics Using Conformal Geometric Computing
  • One Approach to the Fusion of Inertial Navigation and Dynamic Vision
  • Sonar Sensor Interpretation and Infrared Image Fusion for Mobile Robotics
  • Obstacle Detection Based on Fusion Between Stereovision and 2D Laser Scanner
  • Optical Three-Axis Tactile Sensor
  • Vision Based Tactile Sensor Using Transparent Elastic Fingertip for Dexterous Handling
  • Accurate Color Classification and Segmentation for Mobile Robots
  • Intelligent Global Vision for Teams of Mobile Robots
  • Contour Extraction and Compression-Selected Topics
  • Comparative Analysis of Mobile Robot Localization Methods Based on Proprioceptive and Exteroceptive Sensors
  • Composite Models for Mobile Robot Offline Path Planning
  • Global Navigation of Assistant Robots using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
  • Robust Autonomous Navigation and World Representation in Outdoor Environments
  • Robot Collaboration for Simultaneous Map Building and Localization

Book Details

Author(s): Sascha Kolski
Format(s): PDF, HTML
File size: 10.76 MB
Number of pages: 704
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