Mobile Robotics: Moving Intelligence

Mobile Robotics: Moving Intelligence

This book covers many aspects of the exciting research in mobile robotics. It deals with different aspects of the control problem, especially also under uncertainty and faults. Mechanical design issues are discussed along with new sensor and actuator concepts.


Games like soccer are a good example which comprise many of the aforementioned challenges in a single comprehensive and in the same time entertaining framework. Thus, the book comprises contributions dealing with aspects of the Robotcup competition. The reader will get a feel how the problems cover virtually all engineering disciplines ranging from theoretical research to very application specific work. In addition interesting problems for physics and mathematics arises out of such research. We hope this book will be an inspiring source of knowledge and ideas, stimulating further research in this exciting field.

Table of Contents

  • Supervisory Control for Turnover Prevention of a Teleoperated Mobile Agent with a Terrain-Prediction Sensor Module
  • Mechanism and Control of Anthropomorphic Biped Robots
  • Bio-Mimetic Finger: Human Like Morphology, Control & Motion Planning for Intelligent Robot & Prosthesis
  • Vision Based Control of Model Helicopters
  • Multi-Agent System Concepts Theory and Application Phases
  • Grid Technologies for Intelligent Autonomous Robot Swarms
  • Acromovi Architecture: A Framework for the Development of Multirobot Applications
  • Multi-Robot Systems and Distributed Intelligence: The ETHNOS Approach to Heterogeneity
  • Force Sensing for Multi-Legged Walking Robots: Theory and Experiments Part 1: Overview and Force Sensing
  • Force Sensing for Multi-Legged Walking Robots: Theory and Experiments Part 2: Force Control of Legged Vehicles
  • Force Sensors in Hexapod Locomotion
  • Novel Robotic Applications using Adaptable Compliant Actuation. An Implementation Towards Reduction of Energy Consumption for Legged Robots
  • Acquisition of Obstacle Avoidance Actions with Free-Gait for Quadruped Robots
  • Transputer Neuro-Fuzzy Controlled Behaviour-Based Mobile Robotics System
  • Biologically-Plausible Reactive Control of Mobile Robots
  • Dynamics and Control for Nonholonomic Mobile Modular Manipulators
  • Combined Torque and Velocity Control of a Redundant Robot System
  • EMOBOT: A Robot Control Architecture Based on Emotion-Like Internal Values
  • Mobile Robotics, Moving Intelligence
  • Decentralized Robust Tracking Control for Uncertain Robots
  • Gauging Intelligence of Mobile Robots
  • A Reusable UART IP Design and its Application in Mobile Robots
  • Intelligent Pose Control of Mobile Robots Using an Uncalibrated Eye-in-Hand Vision System
  • A Fuzzy Logic Controller for Autonomous Wheeled Vehicles
  • Real-Time Optimization Approach for Mobile Robot
  • Design and Control of an Omnidirectional Mobile Robot with Steerable Omnidirectional Wheels
  • Dynamic Model, Control and Simulation of Cooperative Robots: A Case Study
  • Fault-Tolerant Gait Planning of Multi-Legged Robots

Book Details

Author(s): Jonas Buchli
Publisher: Pro Literatur Verlag
Format(s): PDF, HTML
File size: 5.16 MB
Number of pages: 586
Link: Download.

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