Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Parallel Universe

Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Parallel Universe

“Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Parallel Universe” is a Companion Guide to the ever popular “Mobile Developers Guide to the Galaxy”, now in it’s 10th Edition which focuses more on the technical issues of mobile application development.


Welcome to the 1st Edition of the Mobile Developers Guide to the Parallel Universe. Warning: This Guide is about marketing stuff! Applications don’t sell themselves. In order to be successful, developers also need to be fluent in the language of marketing.
This guide aims to simplify the process and steps of marketing; and provide a few tips and tricks.


  • Introduction
  • Start With A Plan
  • Product Development & Life Cycle Management
  • Market Research
  • Merchandising Your App For Discoverability
  • Business Development
  • Distribution
  • Business Models
  • Revenue Models
  • Measuring Customer Engagement
  • Raising Money
  • Checklist

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Publisher: Wireless Industry Partnership Connector Inc.
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Number of pages: 104
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