Mercurial: The Definitive Guide

Mercurial: The Definitive Guide

This is the free online version of the book “Mercurial: The Definitive Guide”. It was published in 2009 by O’Reilly Media. Mercurial is a fast, lightweight source control management system designed for easy and efficient handling of very large distributed projects.


This instructive book takes you step by step through ways to track, merge, and manage both open source and commercial software projects with Mercurial, using Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, and other systems. Mercurial is the easiest system to learn when it comes to distributed revision control. And it’s a very flexible tool that’s ideal whether you’re a lone programmer working on a small project, or part of a huge team dealing with thousands of files.

Table of Contents

  • How did we get here?
  • A tour of Mercurial: the basics
  • A tour of Mercurial: merging work
  • Behind the scenes
  • Mercurial in daily use
  • Collaborating with other people
  • File names and pattern matching
  • Managing releases and branchy development
  • Finding and fixing mistakes
  • Handling repository events with hooks
  • Customizing the output of Mercurial
  • Managing change with Mercurial Queues
  • Advanced uses of Mercurial Queues
  • Adding functionality with extensions

Book Details

Author(s): Bryan O’Sullivan
Format(s): HTML
File size: 2.65 MB
Number of pages: 250
Link: Read online.

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