Mentawai Recipes

Here you will find code recipes put together by the Mentawai team in the Official Recipes section. In the Community Recipes you will find code recipes donated by the community.

Table of Contents

  • Choosing consequences for handling different outputs (JSP, Ajax, Binary, etc.)
  • Easy Authorization with groups
  • Easy Authentication
  • Dynamic/Ajax Combos with mtw:select tag
  • Ruby Programming with Mentawai (total integration with JRuby)
  • Coding your application with no coupling (0%) with Mentawai
  • Accessing the action context from a POJO action
  • Using Scala with Mentawai
  • Using search-engine-friendly URLs
  • Using conventions for the view layer
  • Turning any method from any POJO into an action (POJO Actions)
  • Automatic pagination through the PaginatorFilter
  • Bean persistence with MentaBeans
  • Turning FORM data into POJOs and POJOs into FORM data
  • Setting up a cache cluster
  • Setting up a connection pool
  • Authenticating your users
  • Ajax List of Beans and Relationships
  • Ajax update area
  • Auto-wiring your components
  • Action returning a binary content (image, pdf, etc.)
  • Creating your own display tags
  • Sending emails with a velocity template
  • Sending simple emails
  • Displaying application exceptions in a nice way
  • Inversion of Control
  • Global Lists
  • Ajax Autocomplete
  • Validation through the Validatable interface
  • Validation through a separate filter

Book Details

Author(s): Mentawai team
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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