Machine Perception

Machine Perception

Machine Perception by Ramakant Nevatia is available online. Machine perception is a field of endeavor attempting to enable man-made machines to perceive their environment by sensory means as humans and animals do.

The field of machine perception concerns the building of machines that sense and interpret their environments. This book is about visual perception. Potential applications for such systems include tasks such as automation of industrial processes of inspection and assembly, automated medical diagnosis, vehicle guidance and automatic photo-interpretation. Beginning from the analysis of simple polyhedral scenes in the early 19605, the field has progressed to the point where useful analysis of complex natural and industrial scenes is possible and many practical prototype and commercial systems are available. Because of its immense potential applications, interest in this ñeld has been growing rapidly.


  • Pattern classification methods
  • Simple polyhedral scenes
  • Complex scenes of polyhedra
  • Shape analysis and recognition
  • Perception of brightness and color
  • Edge and curve detection
  • Region segmentation and texture analysis
  • Depth measurement and analysis
  • Systems and applications

Book Details

Author(s): Ramakant Nevatia
Publisher: Prentice-Hall
Format(s): PDF
Link: Download.

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