Loving Lisp, or the Savvy Programmer’s Secret Weapon

Not yet programming in Lisp? Spend a few evenings with this free web book and experience what many computer scientists consider the best all-around programming language. This book is intended to get you, the reader, programming quickly in Common Lisp. Although the Lisp programming language is often associated with artificial intelligence, this is not a book on artificial intelligence.


My goal in this book is to introduce you to my favorite programming language, Common Lisp. I assume that you already
know how to program in another language, but if you are a complete beginner, you can still master the material in this book with some effort. I challenge you to make this effort.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Basics Of Lisp Programming
  • Defining Lisp Functions
  • Defining Common Lisp Macros
  • Using Common Lisp Loop Macros
  • Input And Output
  • Common Lisp Package System
  • Common Lisp Object System – Clos
  • Network Programming
  • Example – Reading Usenet News Without The Spam
  • Example – A Common Lisp Web Application Server

Book Details

Author(s): Mark Watson
Format(s): PDF
File size: 259 KB
Number of pages: 82
Link: Download.

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